About Us

Elf Corps Studios was founded in 2005 to serve the Fremont and surrounding area’s aspiring guitar students.  We have two teachers providing one-on-one lessons in our spacious studio room.

Robert Fumo, the founder of Elf Corps Studios, and Mike Braun, our second teacher, are both accomplished guitar players, performers and songwriters.



Robert Fumo

Founder of Elf Corps Studios in 2005 to serve beginning guitar students of all ages.  Robert studied psychology and music at the University of Wisconsin – Madison – focusing on early childhood development, learning in children, music theory, composition and performance. Robert’s patience with beginners has resulted in hundreds of students learning to play the guitar at Elf Corps Studios in Fremont.



Mike Braun

Mike is an accomplished musician and composer, specializing in beginning and intermediate students.  Mike has taught at Elf Corps Studios since 2008 with over 100 successful students.