Band & Rehearsal Space

Elf Corps Studios has two rooms:

The small room is 15 × 15 ft. and available for rent on an hourly basis. This room is perfect for small groups of up to 5 musicians including vocalists, singer-songwriters, duets and individual practice. The sound is tight and the room is cozy.

The large room is 30 x 40 ft. and available for rent on an ongoing/monthly basis.  The room can accommodate up to 10-piece bands and has comfortable sofa seating for guests/breaks.  The room is set up club fashion with a drum riser and bands have recorded videos here.  Set up a showcase for interested managers or promoters.

Both rooms come with PA system, bass and guitar amplifiers, drum set and microphones. Colored lights add to the great atmosphere.



Do you sometimes get writer’s block…you can’t get that one line of lyrics to fit, the song you’re working on lacks “something” or just can’t seem to find the right bridge for that brave new pop tune you are trying to finish?  Every creative artist goes through periods of expansive creativity and idea void.  When […]

Studio Musicians

Call for information about arranging for our studio musicians to play on your recording.